Assemble the joint in this manner:

  1. Insert the cotterkey or bolt through the eye of the flexlimb.
  2. Then insert through the washer and hardboard disc.
  3. If using a bolt, glue the bolt in place with epoxy glue. Be careful not to let the glue run down the threads of the bolt. You will need these free of glue to tighten the self-locking nut.
  4. Do this ahead of time and give it at least 24 hours to dry before using it.
  5. Use plastic or newspaper to cover the table you are working on to make sure you don't get any on your table.

Sizing the flexlimb:

  1. Place the joint at the joint hole of the arm or leg.
  2. Curve the flexlimb to fit the curve of the limb.
  3. Cut off the excess flexlimb about 1/2" from the end of the limb.
  4. Make sure to pull for foam sheath down to the end of the wire so the wire doesn't poke through the end of the bear's limb.

Jointing with flexlimb:

  1. Insert the flexlimb (with joint attached) into the limb. When the flexlimb reaches the appropriate place, fit the cotterkey or bolt through the joint hole in the limb.
  2. Secure the joint as per instructions in JOINTING HOW TO SECTION.
  3. When stuffing, place a small amount of polyester stuffing at the end of the paw to cushion the flexlimb. On the leg, stuff the end of the toe before inserting the flexlimb.