Hex Joints

The hex joint is the newest joint that we have. It is most similar to the nut & bolt joint, but makes it easier to use. It is another option in jointing systems.

  1. Proceed as above for hardboard joints from steps 1 – 4.
  2. Place the self-locking nut on the bolt. To tighten this nut, place an open socket wrench over the bolt. Then place an Allen wrench in the end of the bolt. This is what you will use to hold the bolt still while you are tightening the nut. (An open socket wrench is the easiest to use, but you could also use regular wrench.)
  3. Attach the arms & legs in the same fashion as the head making sure to check to see if the arms & legs are pointing the right direction & the joints are tight.

Allen Key
Socket Wrench