Plastic Joints

Plastic joints are made up of three pieces: the shank, the washer & the lock washer.

  1. Insert the shank of the joint through the holes in the head, arms & legs. Trim excess fur from around the shank of the joint in the head, arms & legs. Do this around the joint markings in the body as well.
  2. Place the post of the joint shank of the head into the hole at the top of the bear’s body.
  3. Place the washer, onto the post of the shank inside the bear’s body; place the lock washer, flat side down, on top of the washer and press firmly.
  4. To make sure the joint is tight, work the joint back & forth a few times & press tightly again.
  5. To get the joint extra tight, place the post of the shank (with washers in place) over the top of a serger spool or some other object with a hole in the middle & press with the palm of your hand.
  6. Attach the arms & legs in the same fashion as the head making sure to check to see if the arms & legs are pointing the right direction & the joints are tight.