Rein Bear P3100410


Rag Bear Dolly

A 12" bear pattern with three clothing patterns.

Designed by: The Bear Company

Pattern #: P3100206 - $8.95

*1/4 yd shorter pile mohair or fur fabric
*1/2 yd fabric for dress
*1/4 yd fabric for pantaloons
*1/4 yd fabric for boys shirt and pants
*1/4 yd fabric for arms and body
*1/2 yd fabric for clown suit and ruffle
*scrap fabric or ultra suede for feet
*scraps of plain or print fabric for leggings
*7mm glass or plastic eyes
*#5 pearl cotton for nose and mouth
*polyester stuffing
*1/8" wide elastic
1 - 1" hardboard joint with cotterpin for head
*upholstery thread
*polyester sewing machine thread to match the backing of your bear's fur

*hand sewing needles
*cotterkey turning tool or needle nose pliers
*soft sculpting needles
*long head pins