Andie P3101601



A 14" fully jointed Raggedy-Andy style bear pattern.

Designed by: Bear Bums

Pattern #: P3101601 - $11.95

*fat 1/4 of 5/8" mohair
*5"x5" piece of wool felt for paws
*1 pr 8 mm glass eyes
*2.5 sets 1" hardboard joint sets
*2.5 sets 1 1/4" hardboard joint sets

Tools & other supplies:
*upholstery thread
*#5 red pearl cotton
*#12 black pearl cotton
*1 pkg red Dizzy Frizzy Hair
*Polyester fibrefill
*cotterkey turning tool
*sewing needles
*matching thread
*hand sewing needles

Andie's Shirt Fabric
*1/4 yd small print fabric
Andie's Apron
*1/4 yard plaid fabric