Basic Tan Teddy









Basic Tan Teddy

A 23" fully jointed wool or mohair bear pattern.

Designed by: Grub & Rustle

Pattern #: P3100508 - $14.95

*5/8 yard mohair
*12 mm shoe button, glass or safety eyes
*6 - 3" hardboard discs
*4 - 2 1/2" hardboard discs
*5 tap bolts
*5 lock nuts
*plastic pellets (approximately 1 lb)
*poly-fil fiberfill (approximately 24-30 oz)
*7" x 91/2" square of felt (wool felt is the best), Ultrasuede or other coordinating non-woven fabric for inside ears and foot pads (optional)
*1 skein of #3 Pearl Cotton
*felt - a small scrap to match the pearl cotton for the nose
*matching sewing machine thread to blend with the fur and foot pad fabric
*upholstery thread
*small curved quilter's needle
* 3 1/2" - 7" doll making needles for sewing the nose
*fabric stabilizer (optional)
*fabric glue stick (optional)
*epoxy glue (2-ton)
*nut driver or ratchet for attaching joints
*1 1/4 yd. ribbon, 2 1/2" wide for bow