Makana Miniature Bear P3100099


Makana Miniature Bear

A 3.25" fully jointed (string & cotterpin) mini bear pattern.

Designed by: Bears by Edie

Pattern #: P3100099 - $8.95

*9" x 4 1/4" piece of upholstery velvet
*2 mm onyx bead eyes (or seed beads)
*polyfil stuffing
*fine pearl cotton (size 8 or 12) or embroidery floss
*regular sewing machine thread to match velvet
*extra strong thread for jointing and eyes
*3" long, fine darning needle
*fine hand sewing & embroidery needles
*#70 (fine) sewing machine needles
*stuffing stick
*1 1/2" square of ultrasuede
*needle nose pliers
*10" of 1/4" ribbon or desired accessories