Vintage Bears Stitchery







Vintage Bears Stitchery
(36" x 45")

A quilted vintage bear quilt.

Designed by: Dougal Ann Walker of the Freckles Collection

Pattern #: P3101900 - $15.00

*.65m (2/3 yd) of 60" muslin or sandcastle fabric (blocks and sayings) OR
*.35m (3/8 yd) muslin (blocks) and .3m (1/3 yd) sandcastle (sayings)
*.3m (1/3 yd) muslin (labels)
*.65m (2/3 yd) background fabric
*.1m (1/8 yd) of 10 different fabrics (framing)
*.5m (5/8 yd) accent fabric
*1.1m (1 1/4 yd) backing fabric
*1.1m (1 1/4 yd) quilt batting
*.1m (1/8 yd) fusible web

Tools & other supplies:
*water soluble erasable pen
*embroidery hoop and needles
*fray check product
*embroidery thread - DMC white, 310black, 434rust, 436gold, 520green, 612taupe, 613beige, 646gray, 648gray, 676yellow, 680gold, 729gold, 743yellow, 780rust, 815red, 834gray, 840light tan, 841med tan, 842tan, 930blue, 3033beige, 3045rust, 3053green, 3064terracotta, 3864beige, 902burgundy
*machine or hand quilting thread
*liquid spray starch (optional)
*1 sheet photo transfer paper and fabric (8 1/2 x 11")